Chemistry Notes
Chapter 1 Matter and Change
Chapter 2 Math in Chemistry
Chapter 3 Atoms The Building Blocks of Matter
Chapter 4 Electron Structure in Atoms.
Chapter 5 Periodic Law
Chapter 6 Chemical Bonding
Chapter 7 Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds
Chapter 8 Chemical Equations and Reaction
Chapter 9 Stoichiometry
Chapter 10 and 11 Physical Characteristics of Gasses
Chapter 12 Liquids and Solids
Chapter 13 and 14 Solutions
Chapters 15 and 16 Acids and Bases
Chapter 17 Thermochemistry
Chemistry 1 Syllabus
Conceptual Chemistry Syllabus
Mole Day Reminder
Rules for Significant Figures
Temperature Scales and Conversions
Standard Temperature and Pressure
Polyatomic Ions
The Periodic Table
Accuracy and Precision
Basic Parts of an Atom
Boyle's Gas Law
Charle's Gas Law
Gay Lussac's Gas Law
Combine Gas Law
Idea Gas Law
Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure
Ideal Gas Constant
Basic Electron Valence Rules
Characteristics of Gasses
Defining Moles
Electromagnetic Spectrum
S,P, D, F Orbitals
Diagonal Rule and Aufbau Principal
Finding Moles in a Compound
Formula Mass
More Chemistry Notes
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Dalton's Atomic Theory
Graham's Law
International Systems of Units
Ionic Compounds
Ions and Ionic Radii
Kinetic Molecular Theory
Molar Mass
Electron Dot Notation
Valence Electrons
VSEPR Theory
Bases Define
Stock System
Percent of Composition
Percent of Error
Percent of Yield
pH Scale
Scientific Method
Specific Heat
Types of Chemical Reactions
Acids Define
AP Chemistry Syllabus